A friend set me her reviews of these books, she said they were very good and she thought I would like to read them. My reading list is so long I don’t know when I would have a chance to get to them. I read a sample of “Never to love by Mary Ann Carmen” and from what I read she was right, I would very much like to read it. I’ve read Matt & Brooklyn: Book 2 of “Again for the First Time series”and enjoyed it very much, it’s the only book I’ve read by Raven St. Pierrer, so I think I will like the other one as well. I read more Historical Romances now, especially those in the medieval period. Actually I love to read anything from the medieval period. I’m fascinated with Ancient history. Hopefully I’ll be able tu add these book to my list soon.

Mary Ann Carman – Clan Hewit Trilogy

Book 1 & Book 2

Never To Love ebook by Mary Ann Carman

Never To Love  (book 1) 

Ciannait yearns for undying love, but she vows revenge for her father’s murder. Battles rage across the Ireland as she learns this is a difficult task. A witch and healer, will Ciannait end up Never To Love? Ordered home by the king, Lorcan is honor bound to follow his father’s command to wed, though his heart is still in battle. When he meets Ciannait he’s torn between his honor and his heart’s desire. Ciannait and Lorcan look for answers to the puzzle, but their search leads them into a battle of good versus evil. The struggle between her vow of revenge and her passionate love forces vital decisions.

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All Will Be Well (book 2)

Kieran must recover his family lands from the Sasannaich. Taking Juliana to wife is the only way. His father made deals with the English king before his passing, leaving Kieran no choice. Kieran doesn’t trust Juliana, and she’s not too sure she trusts him either, every approach meets with resistance. Touching, however lightly, makes her tremble, and Juliana is unaware of how she makes Kieran’s heart soar each time she looks at him. Juliana travels the path of her dreams, until the enemy crashes into her life. Forced by the king to wed. Truth and freedom make unlikely bed partners. Independence is what Juliana dreams of but when the enemy enters and everything changes. Kieran’s an untrustworthy barbarian from across the Channel, where her brother fights. His charming brogue, and sparkling emerald eyes cause Juliana’s resolve to start slipping. Mistrust and hostility, intertwine with their personal dreams and nightmares from their past to build a web of deception that threatens to tear them apart before they’ve ever had a chance to find love.

  Tina Martin-The Accidental Series -1 thru 4

Accidental Deception (The Accidental Series Book 1)

Accidental Deception

The Accidental Series-1

Carter Williams stumbles upon a homeless woman, Shayla Kline, in Uptown Charlotte while on his way to work. Completely out of character for the usually self-centered bachelor, he stops to help her and puts his life on hold to spend a few nights with the stranger in the hospital. That’s when he makes a life-changing discovery – Shayla was the fiancée of Jacob, his estranged brother. His brother who hated him. His brother who committed suicide. His brother who, despite the animosity between them, wrote him a suicide note asking him to take care of Shayla. Feeling guilty for Shayla’s current state, Carter moves her into his home with the goal of helping her get back on her feet. The last thing he expected was to fall in love. Now, Carter wages an internal war within himself with his own morals – morals that tells him he should be loyal to his brother by not pursuing Shayla. But it’s hard to walk away from the only woman who has ever touched his heart.

Accidental Heartbreak (The Accidental Series Book 2)

Accidental Heartbreak

The Accidental Series-2

Two months ago, Carter made the decision to cut ties with Shayla Kline, a woman who he nursed back to health. A woman – the only woman – he’d ever fallen in love with. Shayla is convinced that Carter doesn’t love her. And there is no way she can force herself to stay where she’s not wanted, even after he makes a pop up visit to her job and takes her out to dinner. Having had enough of his mind games, she decides to leave Charlotte, North Carolina and move to Norfolk, Virginia where she has a new job lined up and ready to make a fresh start. With the help of her new boss, Donovan Sharper, she does just that. Carter worries constantly about Shayla being away. He knows if he’s going to win her back, he has to tell her about how he really feels for her. Still, he doesn’t have the courage to reveal that Jacob was his brother. He knows that sooner or later he will have to tell her, but he loves her too much to break her heart yet again. That is until his secret begins to eat away at him and makes him feel so horribly guilty, he can hardly function. He knows he must tell her about Jacob. The problem is, he doesn’t know if she’ll forgive him for keeping this secret.

Accidental Lovers (The Accidental Series Book 3)

Accidental Lovers

The Accidental Series-3

Carter’s secrets have finally caught up to him and for the first time in his life, he finds himself at a woman’s mercy – a woman he’s madly in love with. And since Shayla needs time to sort out her own feelings since finding out Carter’s true identity, Carter leaves their home to give her some much needed space. Maybe space for Shayla is not a good thing, especially with the way she’s feeling – betrayed and heartbroken. Shayla now finds herself in the midst of a convoluted mess. She knew being with a man like Carter wouldn’t be easy, but she didn’t know it would be this hard. And there are still secrets yet to be revealed that will make her see her relationship with Carter in a new light – that may even save their rocky marriage. That is, if she doesn’t allow herself to be distracted by her ex boss.

What Donovan Wants (The Accidental Series Book 4)

What Donovan Wants

The Accidental Series-4

Donovan Sharper is left torn and defeated after being turned down by Shayla Kline, the only woman to touch his heart since the death of his wife five years ago. Worried about her son’s current state of depression, his mother urges him to go on a cruise to get away from his hectic life as a workaholic and single father. During his vacation, he meets Kamila Jenkins – a fun-loving, younger woman who forces him to let go of his frustration and live a little. Donovan can admit he enjoys the time he spends with Kamila, but can he let go of his feelings for Shayla to make his heart available again? Or will he let Kamila slip away?

Raven St. Pierre- Again for the First Time Books 1 & 2

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Again for the First Time: Book 1

An “Again for the First Time” standalone

“Marry me” were the last words Luke thought he’d say to a perfect stranger. Then again, Lissette never dreamed she’d actually say “yes”.
But she did…
The odds are against them from the start of their less than conventional marriage, but the couple quickly realizes that their newfound love is absolutely worth the risk.

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Matt & Brooklyn: Book 2

An “Again for the First Time” standalone

Matteo Valente is an up-and-coming filmmaker whose award-winning documentary put him on the map two short years ago. It was that very documentary that also led him to the beautiful, intriguingly elusive Brooklyn James. From the moment he laid eyes on her through the lens of his camera, he couldn’t shake the feeling that their meeting was no mistake. Their connection was instant, but Brook has been hell-bent on keeping him in the dreaded “friend zone” while she chases after her own dream. When Matt pays a surprise visit to Brook the day she graduates with her master’s degree, she is forced to take a second look. “Come with me” were not the words she expected to hear as Matt prepared to leave town again. The invitation to spend a week in L.A. left her breathless, but there were so many reasons to turn him down; so many scenarios that could ruin their close friendship, but… at the risk of regretting it later… she said yes.

Michelle N. Onuorah – Remember Me

Kristen Tyverson lives the ideal life. Happily married, with three children, she has worked her way to becoming one of the most successful reporters in the country. While reporting on conditions in Afghanistan, she is severely injured during a bombing. For months, she is presumed dead, and her family mourns her passing, unaware that she has survived. When she is found alive, it is revealed that she has no recollection of the past 10 years of her life. Her husband, her children, her career: all a mystery to her. Grateful to have his wife back and determined to hold their family together, Mark Tyverson makes it his mission to win his wife’s heart again — regardless of whether she remembers him or not. Remember Me is a story that traces the hard work of piecing back a life torn apart by memory loss. It explores the hardship both the victim faces as well as those around her, robbed of the person they know when she is robbed of the memories she had. Will Kristen, Mark, and their three children be able to rise to the challenge?

**Please note there is occasional cursing and various references to sexuality and spirituality within this work of fiction. Reader discretion is advised.**

Michelle N. Onuorah – Jane

Hurt and abused.

Jane Daugherty has survived what can only be described as the childhood from hell. After years of mental, physical, and sexual abuse, she has become a fiercely independent young woman – closed off from human connection. Unable to trust people or in their ability to be kind, she has vowed to build a new life for herself so that she never has to rely on others again. At 24-years-old, she is fulfilling this vow, successfully working as the youngest tenure-track professor at the University of New York.

Brilliant and remarkably accomplished, Jane’s life takes an unexpected turn when she is reunited with the childhood friend she protected in foster care. Alexa Masterson introduces Jane to the family that adopted her, a family that includes her older brother, Aiden Masterson. Instantly drawn to each other, Aiden and Jane embark on a relationship that will either destroy them both or shape them into the man and woman they were always meant to be. Can what started as lust transform into love? And what will bring about the transformation that they ultimately need?

**Please note there is occasional cursing, mild violence, and unapologetic references to sexuality and spirituality within this work of fiction. Reader discretion is advised.**

T.R. Ragan – Faith McMann Trilogy 1

Furious (Faith McMann Trilogy #1)


Faith McMann comes home to a nightmare: her husband is killed and her son and daughter are taken. Although the intruders leave her for dead, she survives. Crippling grief and fear for her children make life unbearable. Until her anguish turns to anger…and she trades victimhood for vengeance.

Frustrated with the law’s efforts, she takes action to rescue her children—and wreaks havoc on the brutal criminals who tore them from her. With her family and newfound allies at her side, Faith descends into the hellish underworld of human trafficking, determined to make those who prey on the innocent pray for mercy.

The forces she’s up against have already proven that their ruthlessness knows no bounds. And there’s nothing they won’t do to turn Faith’s crusade into a suicide mission. But they’re about to learn that nothing is more dangerous than a mother fighting for her children—especially one who’s earned the nickname Furious.

 NANCY MORSE – Beloved Betrayer

Beloved BetrayerA deathbed confession sends Gareth de Trevaine from Normandy to England to claim the heritage stolen from him at birth. The love that ignites between Gareth and Rowan de Haviland, the strong-willed daughter of a Norman lord, is instant and powerful, but he dare not reveal his identity as the son of her family’s avowed enemy and risk losing her love. When his true name is revealed, jealous rivals resort to murder to prevent him from taking his rightful place as Lord of Thornby Castle and threaten to expose him as a supporter of Henry Plantaganet, Duke of Normandy, who is on the march to claim the British throne. To save Gareth from the king’s dungeon Rowan consents to marry his ruthless cousin, a man she despises. Abducted on her wedding day, she is carried off to Gareth’s castle in Normandy and forced to wait on him as his servant. Can Gareth fight his burning desire for the lovely Norman maiden who deceived him? Can Rowan pierce the heart that has hardened against her and win back the knight she was forced to betray in the name of love?

Aleen Malcolm-Cameron Trilogy

   1-The Taming                          2-Ride Out The Storm           3-The Daughters of Cameron

The Taming  Ride Out the Storm  The Daughters of Cameron


Cameron #1-The Taming: AS WILD AS THE WHIPPING SEA WIND… was Cameron — beautiful, innocent, shameless; a spark of Scotland’s blazing past.

Cameron #2-Ride Out The StormRECKLESS IN THE FACE OF DANGER…
Cameron plunged through the night, no longer a child, not yet a woman, coal-black hair flying, emerald eyes blazing, her lithe body at one with the raging elements and the speeding stride of her bold black stallion.
for Alex, her proud Highland warrior, yet willing to play the lady for his sake, she returned to Glen Aucht to find their ancestral halls, their very marriage bed usurped by the hated English.
Rebellious, blind to risk, Cameron would strike out at insult and injury. She would flee Scotland for a savage New World–defying the man who claimed her–the man who would follow and find her, who swore to tame her, and with her Ride Out the Storm.

Cameron #3-The Daughters of Cameron: Passion Was Their Legacy
Behind them lay the American wilderness ravaged by war, gripped by savagery. Before them rose Scotland’s stormy cliffs and the promise of reclaiming their proud ancestral estate, their bold heritage.
Sultry, sun-kissed Kestrel and exquisite raven-haired Rue. Together they had seen what no woman was meant to see and steeled themselves to trust no one. Only men as strong as Nick Mackay, as fearless as the dark pirate Hawk, could hope to penetrate the proud fortress of their hearts.
For in their blood raced the fiery spirit of the Black Cameron, legendary Highland beauty. Like their mother before them, they were untamed, reckless in danger, destined to love one man and one man only–rapturously, passionately, and forever.
This is the final book in the Cameron Trilogy. Preceded by “The Taming” and “Ride Out the Storm”

Devlyn Tremayne                         Children of the Mist

               Devlyn Tremayne   Children Of The Mist











































































































Michelle N. Onuorah


A New Series I’ve Been Reading (very entertaining – At times I laughed out loud)

These are the first interracial romances I’ve read. The series was recommended by a friend, because I was looking for something new and different to read. I do read historical romances from time to time, but I don’t usually read contemporary romances. I must say I’ve enjoyed the series so far and can’t wait until the third and last book of this series.

Black Love White Lies by Genesis Woods

Published June 3rd 2015 by Blake Karrington Presents

Audrielle Freeman hasn’t really been dealt a fair hand when it comes to love. She’s still optimistic that true love will happen for her one day.
Cairo Broussard wasn’t looking for love, but at the same time, was open for it to happen if it came.

Black love is a very strong and powerful thing, but with white lies in the mix, who knows what will happen?



Black Love White Lies 2: A BWWM Romance by Genesis Woods

Published November 4th 2015 by Blake Karrington Presents

Audrielle never imagined the next time she came face to face with Cairo, he’d have some news that would literally tear her heart into a million pieces.
Cairo can’t wait for the unholy matrimony agreement he and Alex have to be over.

When lies are still being told, truths are still being hidden, and devious schemes are brought into fruition, can the love Cairo and Audrielle have for each other get past it all, or is it to late to try and save something that might not want to be saved?

Their is nothing like a really good book

Let us Keep reading folks


Black Love White Lies 3: A BWWM Romance by Genesis Woods

Published January 18th 2016 by Blake Karrington Presents

Audrielle and Cairo are back for one last ride. With Alex still hell bent on getting what she believes is rightfully hers, will she finally succeed at killing two birds with one stone by keeping Audri away from Cai and getting her hands on that inheritance money or will love prevail for your favorite couple and leave them with a happy ending? Find out what happens when black love is not that easy to destroy and white lies are finally revealed.

(Well the third book in the series wasn’t anywhere as good as the other two. I felt let down, I expected better. That’s what’s wrong with a lot of series by the time they get to the final book or final books, they have said everything worth saying or should I say written everything worth writing, and the end is full of fluff and filler.That is not to say the whole book was bad, because it wasn’t. Some of it was very good. It just wasn’t as good as the others. )