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I was surprised to say the least when I first started hearing about this problem. I have a young daughter, a couple of neices and a few friends who use these products (or use to). You may also have someone special or just someone you know who uses this product, so let’s help any way we can. we can start by signing a petition.

Petitioning Procter & Gamble

Tell Procter and Gamble to Make Safer Tampons and Pads For All Women and #DETOXTHEBOX

Two years ago, Women’s Voices For The Earth commissioned laboratory testing of Always brand pads and found that the products emit potential carcinogens, reproductive and developmental toxins. Feminine products are considered “medical devices” and ingredients do not have to be listed on the label or disclosed by the manufacturers. Millions of women use these products every month, and we have major concerns about undisclosed chemicals entering the most absorptive parts of our bodies.

Today we are asking P&G to set new standards for the safety of these products. More specifically, we want the company to disclose the full list of ingredients and materials used to make Tampax tampons and Always pads. P&G promises leadership, ownership, integrity and trust, yet full ingredient lists for Tamax and Always products are not available. As a result, women all over the world are unknowingly exposing their bodies to unidentified compounds that may be harmful to our health. As P&G customers, we have the right to assess the products based on our own standards of health and safety.

This is a sensitive subject. No one ever talks about periods. Let’s start the conversation with P&G and demand safer feminine products for all women!

Sign this petition


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