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I was surprised to say the least when I first started hearing about this problem. I have a young daughter, a couple of neices and a few friends who use these products (or use to). You may also have someone special or just someone you know who uses this product, so let’s help any way we can. we can start by signing a petition.

Petitioning Procter & Gamble

Tell Procter and Gamble to Make Safer Tampons and Pads For All Women and #DETOXTHEBOX

Two years ago, Women’s Voices For The Earth commissioned laboratory testing of Always brand pads and found that the products emit potential carcinogens, reproductive and developmental toxins. Feminine products are considered “medical devices” and ingredients do not have to be listed on the label or disclosed by the manufacturers. Millions of women use these products every month, and we have major concerns about undisclosed chemicals entering the most absorptive parts of our bodies.

Today we are asking P&G to set new standards for the safety of these products. More specifically, we want the company to disclose the full list of ingredients and materials used to make Tampax tampons and Always pads. P&G promises leadership, ownership, integrity and trust, yet full ingredient lists for Tamax and Always products are not available. As a result, women all over the world are unknowingly exposing their bodies to unidentified compounds that may be harmful to our health. As P&G customers, we have the right to assess the products based on our own standards of health and safety.

This is a sensitive subject. No one ever talks about periods. Let’s start the conversation with P&G and demand safer feminine products for all women!

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A New Series I’ve Been Reading (very entertaining – At times I laughed out loud)

These are the first interracial romances I’ve read. The series was recommended by a friend, because I was looking for something new and different to read. I do read historical romances from time to time, but I don’t usually read contemporary romances. I must say I’ve enjoyed the series so far and can’t wait until the third and last book of this series.

Black Love White Lies by Genesis Woods

Published June 3rd 2015 by Blake Karrington Presents

Audrielle Freeman hasn’t really been dealt a fair hand when it comes to love. She’s still optimistic that true love will happen for her one day.
Cairo Broussard wasn’t looking for love, but at the same time, was open for it to happen if it came.

Black love is a very strong and powerful thing, but with white lies in the mix, who knows what will happen?



Black Love White Lies 2: A BWWM Romance by Genesis Woods

Published November 4th 2015 by Blake Karrington Presents

Audrielle never imagined the next time she came face to face with Cairo, he’d have some news that would literally tear her heart into a million pieces.
Cairo can’t wait for the unholy matrimony agreement he and Alex have to be over.

When lies are still being told, truths are still being hidden, and devious schemes are brought into fruition, can the love Cairo and Audrielle have for each other get past it all, or is it to late to try and save something that might not want to be saved?

Their is nothing like a really good book

Let us Keep reading folks


Black Love White Lies 3: A BWWM Romance by Genesis Woods

Published January 18th 2016 by Blake Karrington Presents

Audrielle and Cairo are back for one last ride. With Alex still hell bent on getting what she believes is rightfully hers, will she finally succeed at killing two birds with one stone by keeping Audri away from Cai and getting her hands on that inheritance money or will love prevail for your favorite couple and leave them with a happy ending? Find out what happens when black love is not that easy to destroy and white lies are finally revealed.

(Well the third book in the series wasn’t anywhere as good as the other two. I felt let down, I expected better. That’s what’s wrong with a lot of series by the time they get to the final book or final books, they have said everything worth saying or should I say written everything worth writing, and the end is full of fluff and filler.That is not to say the whole book was bad, because it wasn’t. Some of it was very good. It just wasn’t as good as the others. )